Cryptock is a collective of luxury art collectibles. Our goal is to build original, handmade, artifacts that are made from the ground up, built in house, are 3D, and metaverse ready.

Through the creation of our NFT art collections, people from all over the globe will be able to easily engage with luxury items that they see IRL, now in the digital world. Building an all encompassing community that brings together people who have similar interests in flexing in the future virtual worlds that are being built. 

Whether your interests lie in collecting luxury assets or being a part of an exclusive society - there is a home for you here. 


Cryptock Watches are the first handmade luxury NFT watch collection that are built in 3D.

The story was created to bridge the gap between collectors of traditional luxury assets and collectors of digital assets (NFTs). With only 2400 timepieces ever available, Cryptock is introducing characteristics that you know in physical assets (scarcity, social currency, and craftsmanship) to the digital world.

Cryptock Watches are the access key to the Cryptock Collective community.


HomeLands are modularly built digital real estate homes. While the metaverse is not one single place, your HomeLand will always be with you anywhere you go.


HomeLands provide you the FBX file to place the modularly built home into any gaming engine. In addition, your HomeLand NFT can be showed off as a flex in your wallet, with no other digital real estate looking anything like these handmade pieces.

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